Several kinds of wigs

1.Indian hair
Because Indian people have a tradition that women should donate long hair to the temple to show their sincere and then these temples will sell the wigs to some buyers. Indian hair now becomes the most common material of wigs and they are thinner and brighter than Chinese hair.

2.Chinese hair
China is a country with large popularity and raw material of hair is rich. Chinese hair is straight and the hair is tough and suitable for designing various hairstyles such as yaki and kinky. Those light color and colorful wigs should use Chinese hair because some thin hair is not hard enough after washing and dyeing. However, Chinese hair can overcome the shortcomings.

3.Malaysian hair
It is also collected from the temples of Malaysia or sold buy the local women. Malaysian hair is a relatively new material and the hair is soft and thin, the hair can be made to European and some other beautiful wigs.

Sexy Strawberry Blonde

4.Mongolian hair is a rare material and it is thinner than Chinese hair but thicker than Indian hair, it is mainly used as Jewish headgear. It is also supple so that it can be used as some other headgear and products.

5.European hair is a common name of the hair of European, the hair is soft and smooth with light color, but the price is high.

6.Brazilian hair is a popular material that is collected from Brazil in South America. The hair is fluffy, soft and curve. It can be divided into remy Brazilian hair and virgin Brazilian hair.

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